Things have happened.. 

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#I am currently not a happy person #life is being extremely mean to me and I do not know how to take the high way or be cool about it #I do not know how to be anything but sad.. #Life is hard! #And the internet will not work on my iPad so I cannot watch Netflix.. #First world problems I got them #Mathilde post

I set the guy I want to kiss up with someone else at the party yesterday.. I am clearly good at this dating thing! I straight up said he should kiss her and then they were kissing.. It was stupid and the easy way out of the situation, and I cannot make head or tail of the situation today. Like if he knew she wanted to make out with him, why did he only do it after I told him to do it? I can make multiple stories up in my head that suits my fantasies very much, but I just doubt they are the truth.. 

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#I am hung over and suffering from severe cramps #today is not a delightful day. #Seriously five minutes into flow my period started; talk about making a splash of a return.. #it was the longest hour of my life.. #I am just going to bed soon and sleep and forget this day and much of yesterday.. #But I saw M again and that was nice and tomorrow it is E's birthday and we are going to brunch. #It is not all bad.. #Mathilde post #Things I did in 2014

So this happened.. #NewHaircut #AlmostCurly #GoodbyeLongLocksOfGold #HelloShorterHair

So this happened.. #NewHaircut #AlmostCurly #GoodbyeLongLocksOfGold #HelloShorterHair

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#Hi this is my face #I got my hair cut #I think I lost about 20-30 cm #it is nice! #Mathilde post #Things I did in 2014 #Insta Fun

Today was a super awesome day! Donated blood, heck yeah; formed a super cool group for the semester project, miRNA ftw yes; danced with A (felt like dying, a months break is tough to recover from), it was super neat; enjoyed being back at the dormitory!! We had dinner club and kitchen meeting and it was super sweet! They are all sweet people and I am glad to be back! But also, the new students have started to arrange a Thank-You party for us, and I am sure it will be slamming cool, so wuhuu! But just yes, it has been a great day!!

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#Things I did in 2014 #Mathilde post

Todays have been an emotional day!! And now I think I am drunk and I want to kiss someone I should not, so that is really great..

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#But mostly today has been emotional! #And not in a good way #I am glad tutoring 2014 is almost over! #Mathilde post #I am tired!!

Song: I Just Want You (Live)
Artist: Sara Bareilles
Album: Brave Enough: Live At The Variety Playhouse
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#Gosh this is so beautiful #but then again that goes for most of her music! #The melody or sound or whatever is just really great! #I am in love! #Sara Bareilles #I just want you #Mathilde does tutoring


So why don’t we go?

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#This reminds me of that thing she said in the movie about staying in the place and growing old #it gives me the same feelings #they are beautiful! #Harry and Hermione #HP #Mathilde does tutoring

Another Meme I Won’t Finish: [10/15] Relationships » Rachel & Chandler
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I just wanted to say that I love you. And I’m gonna miss you.
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#This is nice #their friendship is everything!! #It was just so sweet and grown-up #when her parents got divorced and could nit be in the same room and he goes and comfort her at her birthday #and finds her in the hall and says things and give her to Ross when he comes out is one of my favourite moments on the show #it is just so nice! #Chandler and Rachel #Friends #Mathilde does tutoring

L just said she thought I had been the best one at womens bar because I was the best at setting a mood. That made me happy!

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#Tutor things #it is nice to #e complimented on something you feel like you did good!

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#I do not know where this is from #what episode it is I mean and by extension I do not know the context #but it makes my heart feel things! #Holly Marie always does that but this is just ugh #she is one of those people I just need for to be happy! #Pretty Little Liars #Also: #The words are so so beautiful #imagine doing that to someone. #Must be magical! #Mathilde does tutoring